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Our company participates in the prestigious 6th EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum at Montreux, Switzerland, on Sep 20-21.


Our company proudly participates in the Reload Greece Conference in London: Enterprising Diasporas, from brain drain to brain gain


Our company was featured, as a data analytics startup, on Imperial College web site


A quora answer, by Global Forecasting Solutions, on how predictive analytics can be used to forecast the impact of human capital on business performance


Mr. George Boretos, Co-Founder of GFS, pitching in the Reload Greece Challenge 2016 hosted at London Business School


The quantitative impact of cultural traits to economic growth on a country level. In order to measure culture, in the sense of standard behaviors characteristic to the people of a certain country, we use the six dimensions first introduced by professor Geert Hofstede: Power Distance, Individualism, Masculinity, Uncertainty avoidance, Long term orientation, and Indulgence.


A look into the future of the Greek economy under the burden of austerity measures and continuous macroeconomic and political turbulence.


Scientific facts behind Dan Brown's book "Inferno" (warning to readers: spoilers)


Explaining China’s recent economic rise and ascertaining its future potential based on the progress made in the following key areas: Information flow, Transportation, Telecommunications, and Freedom of speech.


Ever wondered how we got ourselves out from the ruins of the Middle Ages to the Renaissance and the wonders of modern technology? This analysis will shed some light on the relationship between innovation and economic growth and help us understand how our decisions and efforts today may influence our future.


Observe the shift of power from Western to Asian economies, in this "journey" of global economic dominance, starting after World War II all the way up to 2010. Find out why this is a long term trend and how we could have predicted it decades ago.


Forecasting epidemics with the model of natural growth