Global Forecasting Solutions

Interpreting the future

We bring forecasting to a business level


Our goal, in Global Forecasting Solutions, is to help enterprises to interpret the future. We offer trend forecasting, predictive analytics, and price optimization solutions that help you understand what lies ahead, what your customers are thinking, how to evaluate your business, and how to optimize processes.

We do that by using advanced forecasting techniques with a clear business approach, in order to deliver to you results that are reliable, easy to understand, and can be used to generate scenarios that can help you to better prepare for the future.

To facilitate the interaction with both the business and the forecasting community, we have created the Forecasting Net group in LinkedIn. Forecasting Net has over 1,500 members with high caliber profiles. Professionals from every discipline and industry, corporate directors, professors, and researchers constitute some of its prominent international members. The Forecasting Net LinkedIn group is complemented by the Forecasting Net web site.


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